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Alucha Mine1

Alucha | Making Industrial Minerals Circular

We apply and develop state of the art technology
We developed a world premiere installation, now with over 15,000 hours of operational excellence
We can supply proven and certifiable environmental benefits for your products
We can supply samples and feasibility studies fit for your purpose

Our Technology

Alucha has developed a technology to treat industrial waste streams like paper mill sludge (PMS), sewage sludge and other industrial wastes.

We can separate the inorganic and organic fractions of waste streams. From PMS we recover the filler content from the waste stream. This can save considerable amounts of CO2 equivalent compared to current disposal methods, and the process contributes to the circular economy too.

With the process, the organic part of the waste stream (paper fibres) is converted mainly into bio-based oils. The inorganic part of the waste stream is separated and recovered as a product.

The mineral recovered from paper mill sludge (Circular Calcium Carbonate, CCC) can be used again as a filler in various industries like plastics, paints & coatings, and rubber.

The bio-based oils can be used as an energy source for the paper mill or possibly as a feedstock for bio-based chemicals.

Our Roadmap

Alucha aims to open its first CCC production mine next year

2022 Mine1: Small scale production (60kg/h of CCC)

Start of small-scale operations with existing facility to kick start CCC market and serve first customers

2023 Mine2: Increase production (13kt/y of CCC)

Start of project to build first commercial-scale plant

>2024 Roll out

Rollout and commissioning of CCC mines worldwide

Our Company

Alucha was launched in Barcelona (Spain) in 2004. It had its beginnings at the Barcelona Campus of the IESE Business School, where it started with a business plan to develop and commercialise innovative solutions for complex waste streams. Our first project was developed from scratch in cooperation with StoraEnso Barcelona. In 2010, the world’s first industrial installation was started up to recycle plastic-aluminium laminate waste originating from the recycling of used beverage cartons. This project received funding through the EU LIFE Programme. In 2014, the company moved to the Netherlands so that we could focus on the development of our paper mill sludge solution. Here we linked up with our partner Essity to develop the technology further.

Alucha’s achievements over the years has captured the attention of the media on numerous occasions and won it several awards. We are especially proud to have won the European Commission’s highly prestigious “Best of the Best” LIFE Award for environmental projects, and of the special certificate of recognition we received together with SCA at the 2015 European Paper Recycling Awards for our ongoing development of a paper mill sludge recycling solution.

We were selected in 2018 to participate in the Stora Enso Startup Accelerator and are very proud to have won AkzoNobel’s Paint the Future award of in the circular solutions category in 2019.

Our Team

Gijs Jansen is the driver of the company. After receiving his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology and putting in a couple of years of engineering at Fluor, Gijs went on to get his MBA at IESE in Barcelona. Gijs is founder and CEO of the company.
Anton Bijl is Technology Lead at Alucha. With his technical expertise and environmental focus he leads the development of the technology in the company. Anton holds an MSc in Thermal Engineering from the University of Twente, where he specialised in environmental technology.
Eyerusalem Gucho (process engineer) is responsible for our laboratory works, studies, testing and product quality. Joining Alucha in 2017, Eyerusalem holds an MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology from the University of Twente, where she specialised in biomass energy conversion technologies.
Theo Janssen is a highly experienced senior engineer with extensive and worldwide experience in process, construction & commissioning work on many thermal energy-based projects.
Tom Gommers recently joined the Alucha team as our Support Technician in various areas such as the workshop, laboratory but also IT and the website. Tom started as a all-round IT technician, DTP and web designer in high school and even went to Art Academy in Utrecht before becoming a licensed welder.
Our team is often supported by various student interns from different educational institutes such as the HAN, University of Twente or the Erasmus program.


Considering a career with Alucha?

We are always interested in highly motivated and skilled engineering professionals and project managers, especially those who have experience in pyrolysis and/or gasification processes and who are willing to work abroad.

Please contact us and send us your CV and cover letter.

Development Team of Mine1

Awards and Challenges

Selected by Stora Enso for Second Accelerator Programme



Paint The Future 2019



European Paper Recycling Award 2015

Commended Technology Improvement and R&D Category
REFILLS: Recovering of Energy and Fillers from Sludge

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European Paper Recycling Award 2011

Commended Technology Improvement and R&D Category
Palwaste Recycling

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Best of the Best Environment Award 2010