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Circular Calcium Carbonate (CCC)
The most effective way to increase the recycled content of your products and reduce primary resources. Meet your Sustainable Development Goals with CCC by Alucha.

Circular Calcium Carbonate from paper mill sludge

Calcium carbonate is a workhorse for many industries that use the mineral as an extender or filler in their products (paper, paints, plastics, adhesives, etc).

Paper mill sludge (PMS) is the largest waste stream in the paper industry. Generated in the water treatment facilities at paper mills, it consists of waste cellulose fibres (40-50%) and paper fillers like calcium carbonate and kaolin (50-60%).

With our patented reactor technology, we can recover the calcium carbonate fillers from the PMS waste stream in such a way that these can be used again as fillers in consumer products. We call our fillers Circular Calcium Carbonate (CCC). 

If you are interested in 100% post-consumer fillers for your products or you have a waste stream that you would like to recycle, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.