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Paper Sludge

Recycle Your Waste

Alucha has developed a technology to treat industrial waste streams like paper mill sludge (PMS), sewage sludge and other industrial waste.

With our solution and our technology, we separate the inorganic and organic fractions of waste streams.

From PMS we recover the filler content from the waste stream. In this process the organic part of the waste stream (paper fibres) is converted mainly into bio-based oils, which can subsequently be used as an energy source for the paper mill or possibly as a feedstock for bio-based chemicals.

In our Alucha laboratory in Arnhem (Netherlands), we have small-scale testing equipment available to determine whether waste samples are suitable for our technology. For several clients we have already performed lab-scale feasibility studies to shed light on the possibilities. We have tested samples such as paper mill sludge (primary sludge, deinking sludge), sewage sludge, waste wood samples and also plastic samples.

How can we help you?

To start with, based on your waste samples we can analyse and evaluate the feasibility of our technology for the treatment of your waste. Please contact us to find out what we can do to help you with your waste problem.