CCC Applications | Plastic

Calcium carbonate is widely used as a functional filler in plastic products to influence flexural rigidity, impact performance and much more.

Our Circular Calcium Carbonate further adds important sustainable benefits. Applying CCC enables plastic polymer producers to cost effectively increase the circular content in their products, which in turn minimises their carbon footprint and reduces their use of primary resources.


Calcium carbonate improves the base properties of polyvinyl chloride by adding rigidity to the polymer matrix and improving impact resistance as particle sizes become smaller.

Together with Polymer Science Park and with the financial support of the Province of Overijssel, the effective application of Alucha’s CCC in PVC has been demonstrated. The initial results show that it is possible to fully replace linear calcium carbonate (ground calcium carbonate, or GCC) with CCC.

PE, PP and PS

Calcium carbonate is commonly used in everyday consumer products. Tests with CCC have shown that it performs comparably to linear fillers such as GCC and even talc.

For more information about CCC for your polymer products, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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