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Paper sludge is a product of waste paper recycling and is the largest waste stream in the paper industry. In Europe alone, over 9 million tonnes of paper sludge are produced each year. At present, it’s mainly being sent to incinerators or landfill. This results in high carbon emissions, including the CO2 released during incineration of the calcium carbonate in the paper sludge. However, in contrast to incineration or other inefficient and non-sustainable processing methods, the large quantities of calcium carbonate can be recovered.

Alucha, Essity, Bostik and Dyka are collaborating in the 'DE BAL OPZuid' (Focus on the South) project to convert the paper sludge waste stream (Essity) into circular raw materials, including circular calcium carbonate (CCC), using the pyrolysis process developed by Alucha. The use of this CCC in the production of products such as PVC tubing (Dyka) and adhesive and sealant products (Bostik) is being tested.

Project goal

The goal of this project is to validate the functioning of the Alucha process for recycling calcium carbonate from paper sludge using a pilot plant and to demonstrate it on a representative scale. In addition, this project will prove the value of the CCC produced and the pyrolysis oil through process and application development geared towards the end products in collaboration with relevant partners.

Strengthening of SMEs

This project is specifically aimed at strengthening SMEs in the south of the Netherlands. The collaboration between the SME Alucha and the partners Essity, Bostik and Dyka ensures that other SME parties outside of the consortium can also benefit, as they can make their products more sustainable with CCC. These SME parties can enjoy economic benefits, an improved market position and opportunities to grow as a company in terms of their size and expertise.